How to do this without violating FIFA’s intellectual property?

The FIFA World Cup is one of the most visible sporting events in the world and always moves the conversation through various communication channels, digital or otherwise.

It’s common for brands of all sizes to jump at the opportunity to create competitive promotions, but they need to be careful do not infringe FIFA’s intellectual property rights.

The start of this year’s cup is scheduled for November 20 in Qatar and already has official sponsors and some rules that your brand must follow if you’re not one of them – and you don’t want to be sued. These guidelines have been compiled in the FIFA Intellectual Property Guide.

However, if you want to know how to get people’s attention to increase sales, keep reading this article. I’ll share what your brand can or can’t do in promotions.

FIFA protected elements

Before you start creating a Cup-focused campaign, make sure you know exactly what not to do to avoid getting a red card.

Certain elements such as names, symbols and even fonts are entitled to exclusive use by FIFA. Therefore, they can only be used for commercial purposes by the federation or the official sponsors of the event. See the protected elements:

  • “Football World Cup Qatar 2022™”;
  • “FIFA World Cup™”;
  • “FIFA”;
  • “Football World Cup” or “World Cup 2022”;
  • “Qatar 2022™”;
  • “2022”;
  • official emblem, slogan or poster;
  • official mascot image or name;
  • official image of the trophy;
  • FIFA brands and logos;
  • the official source of the event.

The list is long and some expressions may raise doubts, such as the use of “2022”. But it’s better to avoid it than risk being brought up by the courts, don’t you agree? Let’s not forget that any brand can be flagged for abuse and FIFA has the necessary tools to identify them.

Get creative during the World Cup

Taking advantage of the championship wave that happens every four years is a good opportunity to stand out, but it requires creativity. Check out some below tips for creating actions aimed at the cup and scoring a goal without the risk of offside!

Call out the colors of your national team

By using colors is one way to get into the tournament mood. You can use them on the home page of your website or app, in social media pieces and in promotional materials. The only challenge is tracking how to incorporate these tones into your communications without damaging your brand identity.

Put football elements on the field

Use and abuse visual elements such as balls, grass fields, whistles, soccer goals, etc. Use the possibility to insert illustrations, photos or icons on landing pages, banners and also on social networks.

Engage all participating teams in the conversation

Several countries are part of the cup and advertising campaigns can use them to create promotions or just to decorate stores. Flags from each country or even foods with names of national teams are good ideas for local businesses.

Use and abuse of football slang and expressions

Terms used in football can be explored in marketing campaigns that want to take advantage of the event and sell more. Advertising texts, article titles and captions for posts on social networks may include terms such as dribbling, cheering, scoring a goal, increasing the score, among others. Let the creativity flow!

Champion tip: include interactive materials in the game

Interactive experiences can be paid off in seasonal campaigns. And when it comes to the cup, the options are many. Trivia quizzes, fan product pages, and interactive build-your-own-team games are some examples of materials that bring interaction and engage users.

Whatever you choose when planning your campaign, think about how it will be useful to your persona and how it will contribute to your marketing goals. Don’t forget to set goals, collect data and test and play along with creativity!

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