Google’s numbers reveal whether short or long videos work better for brands

The Internet is dynamic and interactive. Therefore, all the products and services we use must follow this trend. The way digital marketing is done has to keep up with the transformations that are happening faster and faster these days.

In a world that consumes more and more video content, which is better for your brand: short videos or long videos?

To answer this question, Google published an article bringing YouTube data and authors’ best cases.

Of course, to help you out, we’ve brought you the most relevant data, as well as our in-depth video content, the current scenario, and how to use the options to leverage your brand. Follow me!

Differences between long videos and short videos in the world of marketing

With so many options at play, it’s important to know how to leverage them in your brand marketing efforts. First, it’s important to point out that according to a Hubspot study, brands prefer videos to enrich their content.

According to a report by Vidyard, social networks and websites remain the two main channels for video distribution.

Videos have also come to the fore as a tool for customer conversation and have become an effective way for retailers to gain more attention from potential customers.

Additionally, according to Techsmith, videos that are 3 to 6 minutes long are most in demand, regardless of whether they are informational or instructional.

Does this mean you should only use 3-6 minute videos in your campaigns? Not! As we know, an action for a brand must be contextual and include various variables when planning it.

Long and short videos serve different purposes and are viewed by different audiences. According to a study by Google, long-form videos are replacing TV content. 700 million hours of YouTube content are watched directly on TV every day. This means that the television is used as a means of enlarging a single screen.

No wonder brands are increasingly favoring digital content and leaving traditional channels behind.

As for short videos, according to the same survey, 59% of Gen Z use short videos to discover new content before watching a longer version; Short-form video apps like TikTok and Instagram report 197.8 million and 17.6 million hours of video watched per day, respectively, according to the WSJ.

On the other hand, according to Think With Google, Youtube has 30 billion views per day.

But after all, what is better?

Considering all these numbers and data, we emphasize that the videos themselves, whether short or long, are important. The scope of each is huge and should not be ignored.

Short videos are best used on social networks like Instagram and TikTok, either in posts or stories. They can be used especially if your goal is to increase brand awareness or shares on social networks.

One beverage giant, Red Bull, excels at using short videos for branding as well as internet outreach. After all, who hasn’t heard the famous slogan: Redbull gives you wiiings?Long videos can be used in blogs or landing pages. In general, their use aims to supplement the content in a more didactic and illustrative way.

In addition, they are also ideal for revealing more details of products or services that have many functions.

But remember, since it’s harder to keep the public interested in longer videos, it’s imperative that you focus on creating a script and quality content to capture attention from start to finish.

Among the companies that excel at using this strategy in blogs, we highlight Nike. A sporting goods company makes several videos to better explain the benefits of their products that complement the content written in the articles.

Examples abound and we see campaigns adapt over the years. Brands are increasingly investing in both long and short videos to add more versatility and reach to their strategy.

So between short videos and long videos, take your pick and use both!

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