E-commerce emails: 16 tactics for conversion

Email is constantly evolving and could change your habits in the future.

Fortunately, there are always safe bets: proven email marketing tactics that convert and earn you sales if done right.

Building your online store will inevitably lead you to send lots of emails to your customers and prospects automatically or directly to be more precise.

Transactional Mail or Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Today, email is still an excellent way to convert a prospect into a customer. But if email is an excellent marketing tool, it’s important to know how to use it to capture its full value.
There are two types of email marketing communications. Transactional email and email marketing.

transaction email

A transactional email follows a lead or customer action. Originally, it was used exclusively to confirm the order or provide information about delivery.

As with any mailing, it is important to take care of the content of this email and ensure its delivery by verifying that the email address of the prospect or client is genuine.

This type of email has several advantages:

  • It helps you retain customers.
  • It may allow you to make another transaction. For example, you can add a promotional code to use on a future purchase. You can cross-sell products similar to the ones he just bought.

Here are examples of transactional emails you can send:

  • You can confirm your order and add cross-selling to it
  • Track orders, send an invoice or confirm an appointment to improve the customer experience
  • Sign up for the newsletter
  • Offer subscription services.

Because they are triggered by an internet user action, transactional emails usually have a much higher open rate than marketing emails. In fact, they are more interested in information coming from you.

Email marketing

Email marketing is more commercial. It is part of the content marketing strategy. The purpose of email marketing is to inform and build loyalty, but it is also a database created from contacts who are interested in your proposals.

Their aim is to:

  • To generate sales by getting prospects or customers to visit pages on your website.
  • Strengthen the company’s image by becoming an expert in the field
  • To make your structure known.

E-mail marketing for your e-shop

The goal of this type of e-commerce email is to generate sales. There are several ways to act:

  • Send a request to Internet users who have abandoned their cart,
  • Send promotions
  • make offers
  • Offer free delivery coupons

Specifically, e-commerce email is used to build relationships. If you keep this idea in mind, you will offer better offers and improve your conversion rate by segmenting your database more effectively.

10 Tips for Converting Prospects to Customers Using Emails

If you want to be successful in your email marketing, you need to go beyond the hype. Here are some tips:

Name the sender of the email

Be sure to include your company name in the “From” field so that your email address can be opened. In fact, today, between viruses and hackers, we no longer open emails that come from nowhere.

Avoid no-reply addresses

If you find it easier to send emails from an address that the prospect cannot reply to, for example: “noreply@enuly.net”, it is not wise to be unreachable. Prefer an address intended for correspondence, but where people can reply to you. You will seem more approachable and it is better to start a relationship!

Don’t forget the “subject” field.

The subject line is essential in an email campaign. This is the part that will determine whether or not your email will be opened in most cases. Find a few words that will make people click on what you have to offer. You need to grab the prospect’s attention and get them to open and read your email. Ask yourself if you would open your email by quickly scanning the subject line.

Be original

If you’re offering the same thing as your competitors, chances are your email will end up in the trash. Stand out and mark the ghosts. Avoid words that everyone uses like:

  • Free for you
  • Exceptional reduction
  • Appeal

In addition, objects with this type of words often end up in SPAM.

Your subject must be short

50 characters is a good number for your object. The world moves fast and the choice to open or not to open an email is made very quickly. If you can’t make it short, start with something that gets people to open the email.

Think to the forehead

Pre-headers are the words you see next to the subject in your inbox. This is the second element that can determine whether the person opens the email or not. It is somewhat a continuation of the object array. Use it to develop the idea discussed in the object and strengthen the desire to go further in the reading.

Think about your design

More often you have to think about balance. Your email should not contain too many images or interactive links. But if you put only text, it won’t be attractive.

Too many animated GIFs may not look serious.

Think about timing

There really isn’t a perfect time to send an email. There are a few tips, but nothing scientific. It may be best to analyze the historical data of your previous messages and see when the open rate is most important.

You can also look at the times when the most orders are placed on your site.

But one rule of thumb was that people opened their email about 4 hours after receiving it. All you have to do is imagine what your customers might be doing about 4 hours after sending the email.

Before scheduling your shipment, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What can our target do within 4 hours of shipping?
  • Will they have time to open the email?
  • What might their mood be?

Pay attention to the configuration of the mobile device

It is not recommended to overload emails so that they adapt to mobile reading and do not come out incomprehensible and complicated. A large number of prospects actually use transportation or waiting times (doctor, hairdresser) to check their email on the phone.

Check your images

Take inventory of your images and check if they are activated. If not, would your email still make sense? Email address providers may restrict the display of images, especially if the sender is unknown. Make sure your content is understandable even without visuals.

Advice: Your email should not start with an image so that the person knows what the email is about even if the image is not present.

More tips to increase conversions

A transactional email is one that allows for the best engagement rates for prospects or customers. Your e-commerce business is all about driving traffic to your site so you can showcase your products and services and generate conversions.

Welcome email

If you want to create a long-term relationship, you need to start with simple gestures: greeting and welcoming your new customers when they have just created an account on your site is a very good start.

This small attention is enough to make them appreciate and want them in the futurebuy again on your site.
What’s more, this type of email marketing can easily be sent to all your new customers without you having to lift a finger thanks to automated marketing.

birthday email

Show your customers that you know them and that you haven’t forgotten about them: send them a personalized email on their birthday (or, if that’s not possible, on the anniversary of their registration on your site). It can only please them.

A birthday is a festive day, and whoever says festive state of mind generally means shopping and presents.
Your customer will thus have good conditions to be tempted to buy on your site, especially if you offer a small gift in your email (promo code, discount coupon, etc.)

Email with a personalized recommendation

Personalization is one of the most effective marketing weapons. By recommending products to your customers that they are genuinely interested in, you maximize your chances of them making a purchase on your site.

To make good recommendations to your customers based on their previous purchases, the product categories they consult most often, or the items they’ve added to their wishlist.

Abandoned cart reminder email

A cart abandonment follow-up email is essential to limit the loss of many sales – over half of online shoppers abandon their cart before purchasing!

For such an email to be effective, the customer must be able to access the abandoned cart with a single click: you don’t want to put additional obstacles in the way.

An email requesting a review

It is very important to get customer reviews for your products because most of them rely on these reviews to make their purchases.

But you can kill two birds with one stone by sending a review email if you’re also enticing your customer to buy.
Offer him a giftreduction or the opportunity to win the competition in exchange for his rating and that’s it.

Sponsor email

The approach of this e-mail marketing is a bit peculiar: its goal is not to convince the customer to buy directly from your site, but rather to talk about your offer around them and get new customers.

This email is based on a simple principle: we trust our friends and loved ones more than a business. And when they are the ones directly recommending the product to us, we are much more likely to buy it.
This can be especially effective during sales or holidays (such as Christmas).

With these 6 surefire values ​​of email, engaging customers and increasing sales has never been easier.

ours tips for sending emails for your e-commerce business

Consistency with the image of your company

With your customers, the goal will be to maintain their trust and to create a positive and professional impression on potential customers. Respect your company’s graphic charter and your website in the design and tone of your emails.

Some consistency must be ensured between different communication channels. It is important for Internet users to orientate themselves. Your emails must be creative, but always within your graphic charter.

done cross-sell in your emails

You send the customer an order confirmation, use the opportunity to advise him on additional products to the one just purchased. It’s a way to use your transactional email to increase your sales a little more.

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