10 marketing secrets to sell more

10 marketing secrets to sell more

Learning how to market your product can help you quickly increase your online store sales. When you start to master how to sell a product on the web, you give your business a chance to succeed. It requires understanding your target audience and marketing your product. In this article, you will find 5 effective marketing … Read more

E-commerce chatbot: how to increase sales?

E-commerce chatbot how to increase sales

While chatbots are becoming more and more popular, all businesses are trying to figure out if using a conversational agent would be relevant on their website. The question arises especially for e-traders, for whom the experience offered to the customer on the site is more than decisive. When creating your online store, the question may … Read more

34 Best E-Commerce Blogs to Follow in 2022

34 Best E-Commerce Blogs to Follow in 2022

It is quite possible to create your own e-commerce site by rolling up your sleeves. Do you need inspiration, good advice or experience sharing to help you develop your online business? Do not move : These 34 e-commerce blogs are made for you! French e-commerce blogs Discover this selection of 26 French blogs dedicated to … Read more

UX e-commerce: 6 best practices

UX e-commerce 6 best practices

For e-commerce sites, the conversion rate is a parameter to consider. Because succeeding in attracting visitors to your business site is a prime necessity, but the absence of conversion will not allow you to grow your business. In order to provide the best possible user experience, e-commerce UX comes into play to optimize the conversion … Read more

E-commerce emails: 16 tactics for conversion

E-commerce emails 16 tactics for conversion

Email is constantly evolving and could change your habits in the future. Fortunately, there are always safe bets: proven email marketing tactics that convert and earn you sales if done right. Building your online store will inevitably lead you to send lots of emails to your customers and prospects automatically or directly to be more … Read more

E-commerce conversion rate: 10 ideas to improve it

E-commerce conversion rate 10 ideas to improve it

The user experience with your e-shop is at least as important as the quality of your products or your customer service. Creating your e-commerce site is just the first step of the adventure, and then there are many optimizations to be implemented. A visitor’s interactions with your site will really drive their decision to buy … Read more