According to research, the 2022 holiday season brings changes in consumer behavior. Are you ready for it?

The holiday season is upon us and with it the festive shopping. This period has always been a reason for joy for brands and marketers, as along with hot chocolate to warm up in the winter, the consumption and the market are also heating up. However, in this particular year 2022, some companies may be worried about the global economic scenario.

But research shows that yes, people are interested in buying this holiday season. In fact, this year they started shopping earlier than before.

According to Think With Google, 26% of consumers have already started shopping at the end of the year, whether it’s a first purchase, looking for inspiration to make a decision or starting a gift list.

But before you get excited, take a deep breath. Despite expectations, budgets are lower. Searches for “good and cheap” have increased by 40% this year, according to the same research.

So yes, you wouldn’t be wrong to think that given the current economic climate, consumers are more cautious – and more selective in their brand and product choices. It therefore motivates consumers during the holidays and leads them to make a choice yours brand?

Let’s take a look at some trends for the 2022 holiday season — straight from Google and other giants.

Last Christmas I gave you… a hard time because of the pandemic

The search for the perfect gift started early and will be long. This is because of the impact the pandemic has had on shopping over the past two years on price fluctuations and product availability. Thus, consumers are already researching in advance whether they will be able to buy the best offer without price fluctuations and according to the available budget.

According to a survey by Retail Dive, 83% of consumers surveyed reported price increases for products they typically buy at the end of the year, so a large portion will change the way they shop around this time to mitigate the effect of the increase. in prices.

In addition to the discounts consumers expect most, free and fast shipping, easy exchanges and returns, and available inventory also offer the tools to get the best deal available. According to research conducted by Think With Google, 75% of people who will shop online during the holidays intend to buy from companies that offer free shipping.

More than ever, it is necessary to watch out for this behavior and be ready to offer discounts and benefits at the right time.

Twinkle Twinkle, little content

Consumers who have already started their end-of-year surveys but have not yet made their first purchase are waiting for the ideal offer and are also looking for inspiration and gift ideas. After all, preparing a list of gifts is not so easy, especially in the year when everyone finally gets together.

An important takeaway from last year is the use of different channels to conduct pre-purchase research. 54% of consumers used 5 or more channels – search engines, video and social media – to research seasonal purchases within two days.

Consumers want to find much more than just a photo of a product, but to understand the lifestyle, how it works, the pros and cons, and the feeling of having the product even before you have it. Brands and retailers can use this cross-channel strategy as the biggest tool to motivate consumers to buy.

The tip is to pay attention to organic content generated by blogs, influencers and real customers, understand what is being said about your brand and product, so that it is another tool to convince the consumer.

All I want for Christmas is… unexpected deals

The economic scenario has made consumers choosy as they may stop choosing between their favorite brands because of price. So, Black Friday will be the best opportunity to offer long-awaited deals to those who already have a ready list and convince them to buy your brand’s product.

It is important to consider that some people use Black Friday to make other purchases that they have researched during the year, so they may save Christmas gifts for the last minute and for their next purchase.

A new survey by Gartner found that 75% of consumers do not expect as many discounts or even more discounts than the same period last year. Black Friday can therefore be the right time to surprise and make the customer have reasons to make a new purchase from you.

A discount coupon for the next purchase or cashback could be the factor that keeps them coming back later in the quarter.

Timing is everything. People who leave everything until the last week will probably start to ignore the search for the best price, but it’s still a good time to offer free and fast delivery on the expected date or even start directing customers to brick-and-mortar stores.

The ability to deliver a product when the customer needs it is also a determining factor in customer trust and loyalty.

Enjoy a nice little holiday

The neighborhood promises to be very hot. As consumers expect, brands and retailers will experience a well-balanced sales period as shopping has begun in September. With a good offer – not only price, but also speed and quality – it is possible to anticipate purchases as early as October.

However, it is important to adapt: ​​consumers are more demanding in terms of both product quality and price. And for that you need to be on all channels to convince them.

It’s worth noting that the consumer is looking for inspiration and gift ideas before making a purchase, and a brand that offers this through content will be one step ahead.

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