10 Shocking Facts About What Men Want in a Relationship

“Men also have needs.” 😐

I listened to the discussion on the virtual panel. This is related to the understanding of men’s needs and how to address them. Honestly, it sounded submissive (I am not a feminist) and the examples were ridiculous. Therefore, I decided to reach out to friends to share their feelings. My surprise I got about the level of neglect they felt.

The infamous protest of what women desires has been a topic for many years. We indicate the assumptions that the role of a man – a provider, a protector – defined who he was. Women have traditionally addressed the home scene and working men bring home to home. The television series “Mad Men” gave us a look into the history of men in the 1960s, with Peggy Olson (character in the TV series), which question double standards in the treatment and expectations of men and women.

In the millennium, gender diversity is a changing trend. More women enter the workplace and provide their households. Now, men may have to reconsider what it means to be a provider. It may be difficult to change the old ways of male behavior, but some men have received new practices without a sense of reduced team. They are involved in domestic responsibilities as well as for the provision of financial stability in the home.

However, men and their needs are developing. I found that under simplicity men are complicated. They want sex and women, but they also want to be loved, they have a good personality, cuddling and the list continues. It doesn’t take a psychologist to know what men want. I have created a survey for 20 men (8 married/ 12 single) to understand their needs and desires. These men are aged 30 to 45 years. Ten declarations were given true/false or yes/no decisions.

These are the results:

72.2% of men enjoy their loved ones. Show the valuation can have a huge difference.

88.9% of men say “I love you” according to events. He can say “I love you” by pulling out garbage, repairing things around the house, or doing homework.

52.9% of men believe that women should initiate. Whether it’s sex or dating, men usually lead to the first step. The results were very close, but women should start taking the first step.

66.7% of men may be wound when their needs are not satisfied. This is not just cheating. Some men focus on sports, work or video games. Like any person, lack of love and award can result in finding satisfaction elsewhere.

82.4% of men take care of the body’s body and stamina. As men are aging, they receive anxiety performance. Help them learn to relax and make the situation less stressful.

72.2% of men take longer. Is it safe to say that men are liabilities-phobic and disproportion? Nothing is wrong when spending several more months or years looking for red flags or performing some tests. Let him walk with you before running.

44.4% of men strongly agreed that joint activities lead to a faster custody in a relationship. By doing things together, it strengthens their relationships more than sharing thoughts and feelings.

94.4% of men do not take up traces. Most likely, they missed signals (tone, facial expressions). If you have a problem, come directly.

All men said intimacy is relevant. This is no secret. Studies have shown that men dream of sex twice as much as women. Although it is very significant, men will notice that sexual intimacy is the most pleasant in a determined relationship.

Based on the findings of men and women, they want the same things: love, praise, recognition, respect and happiness. With my own ignorance, I understood that the submission is not a term used in this situation. We should find a balance. Men have a list. Women have a list – it’s a difficult situation. Men deserve to be loved as well as women (not the most bad). As soon as we remove the misconception of men and their needs, it can only lead you to a land of love.